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Configure your app as per the business needs and connect with every
client along with your sales team. Make your sales faster & smarter!

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Features available in your app

Features available in your app

Publish your branded mobile app

Give the convenience of 24/7 availability to your buyers
  • Empower buyers to do business with you anytime
  • Upload your sales users, buyers and product info
  • Eliminate service calls for product queries
  • Publish your B2B web portal and mobile app within days
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Power your sales team on mobile

Improve sales service with deep customer info
  • Plan visits & track location of reps with Geo tagging
  • Eliminate data entry with paperless order writing
  • Eliminate clumsy printed catalogues and outdated collaterals
  • Keep reps updated with latest inventory and product info
  • Find product in seconds with search or bar code scanning
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Do business with all types of customers

Show prices & promotions based on customer type
  • Reduce sales team & buyers ordering time
  • Receive all inbound orders directly from customers
  • Extensively market your collection & promotions
  • Accelerate cash flow and increase inventory turns
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Real-time access to sales team & customers

Be updated with every sales activity from mobile
  • Get order collection & shipment update
  • View active enquiries & new customers
  • Monitor planned vs actual sales visits
  • Maintain history of every sales activity
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Get Connected To Internal Systems of Your Company

Easily integrate TradeDesk with any core accounting or ERP systems using web service APIs

If there is an add-on or ERP software that you would like us to get connected,please contact us!

Join over 1,000+ users doing their business using TradeDesk solutions

Using TradeDesk has saved us 90% of our annual catalog printing costs.

Mobile Accessories
Mahesh Rathi

I love doing business with our retailers, distributors and stockists to visit our online store & mobile app, to order in bulk.

Hamsa India:
Sagar Sharma
(CCTV Camera)

My favourite TradeDesk feature is that our website, mobile apps on iOS & Android, and our ERP, are always in-sync.

Ply Mahal
Pankaj Kumar

TradeDesk is flexible enough to incorporate our business structure. It is a solid B2B platform that we knew.

Mohit Appliances
Home Appliances
Kapil Rathi

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