5 ways to find and win first few customers

Finding and winning the very first client is perhaps the most important factor in success of a business and also the most difficult goal to achieve for startups. Opting for online/web promotion will make it easy to find your first client and hence new clients.

Let’s check out some of the steps to find out how you can get your first client easily:

  • Step 1: Brand Awareness

    One of the most important aspect of a newly launched business is to make sure that the target audience is aware of the business, you can start it by simple steps like establishing social media accounts such as Twitter and Facebook. Getting involved in the public conversations related to your business is a great way to get brand name famous, it is a slow process but it’s a solid way to establish brand awareness among the public users. The other social media channels like LinkedIn offers to showcase your services or product, it is also an important way to find out new project or getting new partners.

  • Step 2: Know the Pain Points

    To understand your potential clients and their pain points will help you to get better business. Shopify Recently updated their POS (Point of Sale) with New Lower Price, Gift Cards and More New Features like Custom Barcode Printing and Scanning, Multi-Language Receipts, Tax Overrides etc. Why they do so, because they analyses that these things will help their customers to get their product feature improve they understand their customers pain point and implemented the things which were important, so It will help them to get new entry point for new business. Understanding the pain points and then providing a solution for them makes sure that your target audience will consider your offering.

  • Step 3: You Should Know about your own strengths

    Marketing strategy needs to be very strong to get new customers, a well marketed product can be visible to proper target audience and hence chances of getting sold is high. Finding out the strong hold of your product and the team is very important, if your product can be sold with a lot of content written around it fair enough you need not to consider paid campaigns otherwise going paid may yield fast and better result. You may focus on link building, SEO & content marketing as per your strength and keeping in focus whether your product can be sold just with a lot of content on it or not. However, by choosing a niche market you may be able to focus on new aspects like SEM, PPC, CRO & MVT. Finding out your strength and working on it to make sure that you are optimizing your team is very important.

  • Step 4: Pitch the Plan, highlight the benefits of the business

    Emphasize your customers with your product detail and their feature, how your product will help them to grow their business. It’s also a good way to reach out new customers easily. Making sure to cover those benefits that they will get exclusively from your product is must, your product should stand out of the crowd with added advantage over other competitors. Solving the pain points being faced by your target and highlighting them in all the means of marketing is must.

  • Step 5: Build Partnerships with your competitor (indirect)

    This helps you grow faster in the market, say for example you sell product “A” and there is someone in the market with product “B”, product B may not be your competitor but is somehow relevant to your product. May be people who buy “B” may also be interested in buying “A”. Partnering with them will help both of you grow faster, taping the right partner is very important though.

Beckett suggests

“Focus on building human relationships. The stronger your relationships are, the more likely your customers will be to tell their friends about you. And, the more likely they’ll be to come back.”

Let us know what is your experience while working to get first clients? If we have missed any process or channel let us know? Add your comments below!

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