The Blueprint of a Successful Digital Catalog

The first step to creating a digital catalog is finding a digital publishing platform which can reach all your customers. Use this blueprint as a guide to make the right choice.


Your digital platform should have the right tools to help you capture complete product information and provide multiple touch points to your customers

Complete Product Information

  • Product Categorization and Grouping
  • Product Images and Description
  • Technical Specifications
  • Product Variants and Options (if any)
  • Related Videos
  • Downloadable Contents such as Manuals, Brochure, etc.

Multiple Customer Touch Points

  • Website
  • Mobile app
  • Search engine
  • WhatsApp
  • Email
  • Web Links

Key Tip: Do not maintain separate data sources for different touchpoints. It leads to:

  • -Inconsistency
  • -Inability to enhance


Your website is your digital visiting card, your brochure, and your product showcase. Make sure all your product information with images are showcased to create the first impact on your visitor

75% of users make judgments on the creditability of a company and its products based on the website content

85% of buyers agree that they distrust a brand that does not showcase their products online

Key Tip: Ensure visiting card, your brochure, your emails all point to your website.


The mobile data revolution has shifted buyers to the use of smartphones – make sure you’re part of it.

WhatsApp: Maximum enquiries & orders are communicated today from WhatsApp. You must have the ability to easily share your digital product catalog on WhatsApp.

Responsive Website: Buyers can visit your website using any device, therefore ensure that your website is 100% responsive based on resolution & screen size.

Mobile App: If you get business from repeat orders then you must have a mobile app to remain 24/7 connected with them and provide them regular updates.

Market Feedback: Buyer analysis are key for your sales & marketing strategy, and digital catalogs captures complete information of its viewers. You must get the analytics reports.

Key Tip: Having a mobile app will enhance the image of your business with your customers and also provide them continuous recall of your brand and its products.

Continuous Enhancements

The growth of your business never ends and neither should the enhancement of your digital presence.
Mobile devices, operating systems, and technology will constantly change. When choosing a digital catalog provider, pick one that offers regular upgrades and continuous technology enhancements.

Key Tip: It is not only the technology which matters but the content. Make sure to keep your content up to date.


Use the following checklist to select your digital catalog provider:

Single source digital content repository

All publishing mediums, source content from source

Flexible product grouping and easy update of content

Intuitive & user-friendly catalog layout

Easy search & multi-filter features

Search engine optimized (SEO) to make products discoverable

Regular content updates

Viewers analysis & reports

Regular technology upgrades

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