Customer Journey Mapping: An important element in sales

Gone are the days when sales teams were accumulating leads with the hope that at least some of them would turn into clients. Marketing and sales executives are feigning less interest in the traditional sales funnel concept and are embracing the one-to-one marketing strategy. Nowadays, companies are changing their strategies when it comes to customer [...]

TradeDesk’s B2B Web & Mobile Portal for Wholesalers & Retailers

TradeDesk’s B2B commerce software launched a new B2B web & mobile portal for the wholesalers and retailers. The B2B web & mobile app is designed to help wholesalers and retailers manage their purchasing, selling and order fulfilment process. TradeDesk provides a complete digital solution for your online business by developing a branded mobile app and [...]

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TradeDesk Announces Its Participation in Retail Asia expo HongKong

Retail Asia expo is an award winning exhibition that has been gathering industry’s most influential retailers and buyers under one roof from last nine years.  It consists of three focus areas: Retail Technology, Retail Design & In-Store Marketing and Internet Retailing. The expo showcases retail solutions from over 170 local and international exhibitors. In 2016, [...]

How to Beat the 3 Challenges that Every Salesperson Faces

Salespersons are the only people that are in direct contact with the customers. They help a lot in building good business relations and in lead generation. While fulfilling these responsibilities salespersons face a lot of challenges. TradeDesk provides b2b technology solutions that can help in solving these challenges. Reporting – earlier salesperson had to report [...]

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