The future of customer experience

Customer experience is constantly on the climb for change. A few years back, customer experience was only a “nice-to-have” feature for companies. But now, a personalized customer experience has become a mandatory feature for a company to stand out. Machine-learning and artificial intelligence, the technologies enabling the trend for personalized customer experience are bound to [...]

How to start your own Online B2B Business

Congratulations, starting an online B2B business is a great idea. With the change in technology and lifestyle, customers are demanding online services to be offered by all businesses. Starting an online business requires a lot of efforts and even after setting up your business online, you have to continuously be active to show your online [...]

Why Every Brand Needs a Digital & Mobile Strategy

In today's digital generation the first thing that people see after waking up and the last thing before sleeping is their smartphones. People spend most of their time on smartphones searching for information, texting, emailing, shopping, clicking pictures and what not. Smartphones play a very significant role in our lives. All the activities that we do [...]

How Digital Marketing will help to Grow your Offline Business.

Cost Effective :- More cost effective than traditional marketing – The traditional techniques of marketing like printing and telemarketing required a large amount to be invested in them which the small business could not incur due to limited financial resources. Digital marketing provides a platform wherein businesses can advertise and promote their products and [...]

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