The era of brand proliferation

About two decades ago, the market was going crazy with numerous M&A sprees and the introduction of new brands into the market with innovative  products. This made even the biggest brands like Unilever and Nestle to rethink their brand portfolio and also scrutinize the suggestions for the creation of new brands.Following that in February 2000, [...]

5 ways to find and win first few customers

Finding and winning the very first client is perhaps the most important factor in success of a business and also the most difficult goal to achieve for startups. Opting for online/web promotion will make it easy to find your first client and hence new clients. Let’s check out some of the steps to find [...]

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Top 9 Optimization Tips for your online store

Web optimization is a vital part of web development and maintenance, but often been overlooked by webmasters. For SEO prospective and to optimized the website for Search Engines there are some basic tips and tricks which if followed properly may yield great results: Keep Mentioning Keywords: Yes, it is one of the Important part [...]

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