The importance of the right sales reports

Every sales team will agree to the fact that in today’s world, there are a very few easy deal closes. As per study conducted, there are only 2% first meetings that convert into an on-the-spot sale. The remaining 98% needs to followed up, entertained constantly, and requires nurturing throughout the sales process. You will [...]

Why should you move to mobile invoicing?

Do you have sales team on the field? Are you facing issues while creating paper invoices? Are your invoices getting fixed up? Well, in that case you have not been taking advantage of the technology around you! Invoicing for your clients can often turn out to be a headache that than an amusement. This happens [...]

Six B2B Lead Generation Tactics for your Business Growth.

It is highly significant for all businesses to develop a lead generation strategy. All the businesses are finding out different ways for lead generation. The first thing that you need to do before executing any lead generation strategy is finding out your target market. Your lead generation strategy will only be successful if you target [...]

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