How to digitize your InStore Experience

Nowadays people are becoming technologically advanced and they want everything at the click of their fingertips. Online shopping has completely changed the expectations of people. With online shopping people don’t feel the need to go from store to store in search of the desired product; they can simply buy it sitting comfortably in their house. With this change there is a need to digitize your InStore experience so as to attract the customers. These pointers might help you in transforming your store using technology.

  • Convenience – convenience is the main concern for shopping. People like to shop online because it is highly convenient and they can do it whenever they want – while standing in a line, late at night in bed, while stuck in traffic. Although physical stores cannot compete with this level of comfort but they can try to make in-store shopping more convenient. They can do this by providing a click and collect option to their online store customers. Click and collect is an option of buying a product online and collecting it from the store. It can help to re-route ecommerce shoppers to your store, customers with complex working hours can pick up the order at their own pace and it is good for business as while picking up the order customers end up making extra purchases.
  • Speed – in large stores it becomes difficult to search for the desired product and once you find it the more difficult task is making payment as the customers have to stand in the queue for long minutes. Retail stores can speed up this process by using the latest technologies. This includes the mobile point of sale devices that tell the employees where products are located in the store and how many units are left. Mobile point of sale devices also accepts payments which help the customers in checking out anywhere on the floor and also makes the queue for payment short.
  • Personalization – when buying online customers receive personalized recommendations, for example you might have noticed that if you buy a shirt from an online store it will automatically display a pair of jeans or shoes that you might find useful. This helps in enhancing customer experience by making sure that the customers have everything they need. This can be done in physical stores by implementing artificial intelligence that automatically generates recommendations by using the historical purchase data which the staff can then convey to the customer.
  • In store beacons – in-store beacons are a great way of enhancing the in-store shopping experience. These Bluetooth enabled devices detect nearby smartphones and send them media such as ads, coupons or supplementary product information. Physical stores can install this technology to send greetings when a customer enters and leaves the store and even suggest the items that are on sale based on customer’s previous purchases. Push notifications such as coupons for next time the customer shops at the store can also make customers come back and shop at your store again.

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