Dos and Don’ts of Launching an E-commerce Site

It’s great that you are thinking off to start your business in an eCommerce site. The value of launching an eStore lies in the use of it. In this convergence era, it is economical and easy to run an eCommerce site without taking much effort, as the technology will ensure being the guardians of this techno-sphere. On contrary does it guarantees your eCommerce success?

Yes, I am sure, I can help you to chalk out pre and post launching activities. Your hard work can give you a promising future.

  • Do take trials of your product: Take proper trials of your product before you put it up at your eStore. Many a time it is seen that the product might not have relevance with the current features in the market, which is in public demand. Before you launch your product, give away samples or you may conduct a survey to learn about your products pros and cons.
  • Do set up an allowance for trial marketing: Do take trials of your product in different marketing channels. Select the one which you think you will gain maximum ROI, though free marketing is amazing for hooking new customers but in usual cases it is not scalable.
  • Do pay heed to what your customers have to say: usually product reviews can vary from sweet to sour. It is not important to pay heed in all cases but definitely be sporting and take a note. Maybe it might give a better shape to your business.
  • Do you have a tough foundation before your launch: Do have a tough foundation built-in before you rush to launch your product? It is definitely not possible for you to launch a perfect product with each and every technology. Make sure whatever features you specify you have specialized on it.
  • Do make a money making strategy:

Chase the vision, not the money, the money will end up following you –  Tony Hsieh CEO of

Carefully chalk out your expenses, you can deal with them by installing software which can automate the process where you can reduce your resources.


  • Don’t assume to get traffic: In today’s world there are too many websites registered on the web, so it’s a lame idea that people can find your website just like that. The word is online traffic, that’s what you need to get noticed on the web. For this, you need to put efforts in SEO as well as advertising on popular sites.
  • Don’t invest randomly: For a start-up, it is necessary to maintain a sustainable scenario for long terms basis. You are at less risk if you can sustain on your own.
  • Don’t rush: Master yourself in the field which you are best at. When you are launching an eCommerce site, trying everything at one shot can spoil your efforts. You do have time to upgrade your skills and efforts with time.

Jack of all trades, master of none


  • Don’t give up: It takes time to shape up things, miracle does happen one in a million. To show off your efforts, a year or so might pass, but you will definitely come up with flying colors. Though realism is an important factor to rest your finance but time and effort pays well.
  • Don’t spend hours: You will not be able to scale your business if you take up all tasks by yourself. Many start-ups find’s it hard to hire at the beginning, but at the end of the day, you will have to grow as well. It is your responsibility to take up

Now You know the Dos and Don’ts of Launching before an E-commerce Site. Let us know how other stuff we can used before launching an eCommerce Site ? If we have missed any process let us know? Add your comments below!

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