How to boost your conversion using lead magnet?

The concept of online marketing is blind without the lead magnet. A lead magnet is the prize you offer to pay in order to loop in your visitor and convert them as your clients. The concept is about offering freebies to people for signing up on your websites. Now you will think why give out freebies for signing up? The person signing up is sharing his/hers contact especially mail id, this will help you to create an email list of different people, this is an effective way of building mail list. This in later days will help you to follow your leads and directly market your products to them. Lead magnets are the useful tool for enhancing your mail list, where you get hope for new clients or consumers.

Lead magnets are often referred as an ethical bribe, sign up offers, opt-in bribe and incentives. Anything for free is always a good option but in reality nothing is for free you are paying your visitors of your website to collect their information for future marketing plans where they get freebies or discounts.

How will lead magnet benefit you?

  • Web traffic can be directly controlled by you.
  • You are able to mature your relationships with your subscribers.
  • Money making machine.
  • Develop connection with your social media partner.

What are the options of making lead magnets?

Do be careful in choosing your lead magnet as it depends on what grounds are you offering, whether you are a seller or you offer service or maybe both. Here is some lead magnet example:

  • eBook
  • Free shipping offers
  • Unpaid buying conduct
  • Unpaid industry conduct
  • Free evaluation
  • Free demonstration

How to design your lead magnets?

  • Select any product or service to boost: The idea is to pump in some potentiality in your lead magnet but at the same time make sure it has relevance to your products. For example, there are many companies present in the market who offers prize money, laptops, hi-end electronic gadgets etc. for people to take part in their contest, unfortunately, the winner is not always a potential lead. People take part in these contest to win while you get their contact details to build up your lists.
  • Calculate on the variety that you can offer: After your selection, you now have to decide about the message you want to convey to attract your potential customers. Give away discount voucher via mail or special discount to avail if anyone signs up or reference discount vouchers etc.
  • Sign-up page: After your lead magnet is successfully designed, you will need a pop-up or page for your visitors to sign up. Make sure it is not fussy with details, contents, images etc. make it concise. Do not keep a lengthy form that your visitor will prefer to run rather than filling up and wasting their time. For example first name, number and mail id, keep the number optional as many would not like to share number details as they are scared of marketing calls.
  • Send a response with the promised reward: You will definitely not have to keep another resource to mail these registered visitors. Simply use a plug-in or any other software which will automate the process. There is a number of options to choose from in the present scenario. After your visitor signs up he /she receives a mail with the reward or offer mentioned and the process to follow.

You now know the benefits of a lead magnet, which type of lead magnet to choose from and how to create one. Now how will the web-guests know what you are offering? So now you will have to implement social marketing, content marketing, sticky bars or pop-up in relevant sites to drive in traffic in your sign-up page!

Let us know How to boost your conversion using lead magnet? If we have missed any process or channel let us know? Add your comments below!

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