5 Ways to Improve your B2B Site Experience

With the widespread growth of eCommerce in B2B business, it’s necessary for every wholesaler to provide an amazing online experience to their customers. Customers prefer to shop online from those websites that are easy to use and are accessible from all digital devices. With the increasing demand of online stores by customers there is a need to improve your online site experience. Here are some pointers that you can adopt in order to improve your B2B online site experience.

  • Live Chat – offering a live chat option to your customers is a great way to connect with them easily and quickly. Through live chat your customers can contact you instantly if they have any query or if they are facing any problem. By giving a live chat option you are giving your customers 24/7 assistance. Live chat enables your customers to talk to a live agent without getting stuck in a phone queue. Also live chats are less costly than phone support and they improve customer service efficiency as agents can operate multiple live chats simultaneously.
  • Mobile friendly – gone are the days when customers used desktop for searching something or buying products online. Most of the customers now visit online shopping websites through their mobile phones therefore it is significant that your website has a mobile friendly interface. By developing a mobile friendly website you can ensure that your customers have a great shopping experience as they can easily access your website with the help of their smartphones anywhere and anytime.
  • Self Service – customers prefer to be able to solve product and service issues on their own with the help of the company’s website. In order to improve your b2b site experience it is important that your customers can easily resolve issues by themselves and find all the relevant information they need on your website. Such information could include detailed product description, purchase history, order status, and more. Customers find it more convenient when they can do everything by themselves without having to call customer support services for every little thing.
  • Product recommendations – you may have noticed that when you buy a product online, the website starts showing you other products similar to the product you purchased that you might like to buy. For example when you purchase a camera online, the site starts giving you suggestions like camera battery or lens that you might need. This personalised storefront helps in improving customer experience and also in increasing sales as customers are given an opportunity to have a look at other products without searching for them again. By making product recommendations based on the customer’s order history, you can increase your sales while ensuring that your customers have everything that they might need.
  • Easy checkout – customers like to purchase products from a site that has various payment options and an easy and secure checkout gateway. In order to provide a good customer experience you should ensure that your website has an easy, quick and secure checkout. The checkout process should be quite simple not involving a number of stages. The customers should be able to make the payment quickly rather than waiting for the checkout page to load.

Considering these points and applying them on your online website can help a lot in improving customer experience. Catering to the need of your customers and creating a convenient customer experience is the key to increase sales and revenue of your B2B business.

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