Sales Order Tracking System: Improving B2B Business Experiences

The sales order tracking system is a very important component in improving the customer experience in wholesale business. B2B buyers consider the track and trace system a crucial part of their overall satisfaction with the suppliers. Therefore for all b2b wholesale distributors and manufacturers it is highly significant to choose an excellent order tracking system [...]

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How to Beat the 3 Challenges that Every Salesperson Faces

Salespersons are the only people that are in direct contact with the customers. They help a lot in building good business relations and in lead generation. While fulfilling these responsibilities salespersons face a lot of challenges. TradeDesk provides b2b technology solutions that can help in solving these challenges. Reporting – earlier salesperson had to report [...]

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B2B eCommerce solution using Magento

Magento is a leader in B2C eCommerce. Given the rapid growth in B2B eCommerce, Magento is being increasingly used as a B2B eCommerce solution as well through customizations and add-ons. Forecasts suggest that the B2B eCommerce market will be double the size of B2C. According to Econsultancy “by migrating B2B customers online, companies have [...]

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5 Keys to grow your sales – Think Digital

Traditionally companies have focused on building the distribution sales network in order to build a strong and efficient supply chain leading to higher sales growth. In this model, the brand owners focus on meeting the demands of their distributors; distributors connect with bulk buyers and resellers, and finally resellers manage the retailers and the end buyers. [...]

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