Top 9 Optimization Tips for your online store

Web optimization is a vital part of web development and maintenance, but often been overlooked by webmasters. For SEO prospective and to optimized the website for Search Engines there are some basic tips and tricks which if followed properly may yield great results:

  • Keep Mentioning Keywords: Yes, it is one of the Important part of Search Engine Optimization, Include your “Keywords” in the site title, domain name, description, tagline, blog categories, page titles, and page content. If you are using the WordPress website you can easily do it with the help of one of the plugins like ALL in One SEO, Yoast etc.
  • Internal Linking Within the Page: If you have a large no of Content on your Website you can easily inter link all the relevant content with each other. This can easily be done by the help of Content Management Software, but If you don’t have a CMS you can do it manually. It will help users to engage within the website and hence will help in decreasing the bounce rate.
  • Keywords in URL: You may see many websites with the URL which is not looking good with no meaning at all like:, so be sure that your URL talk about the product or the content like It will help users to understand about the product just in a glance at the URL, also It will help in SEO prospective for SERP ranking.
  • Website should be fast: If your Website is too slow, then visitors will not stay on the website for long time. Website page loading times are very important, hence avoid using codes or contents which make your website slow like InLine CSS, JavaScript or JSon Code. Keep in mind that all the codes have a clear hierarchy with important comment notification which help users as well as Search Engines to check whether your website code structure is good or not.
  • Use Title Tag and Alt Tag for the Images: If you are using images within your website then make sure that you are using proper image title, description, and alt attributes which reflect your page’s topic. You can also rewrite your image name with the main keywords like (pants-and-shirts.png instead of article28.png)
  • Link your content with the relevant website: If the content on your website is relevant to that of an old and popular website try to get a link from them. This will not only help you win trust from the visitors, but also impact in improving organic ranking on SERP.
  • Update your website frequently: Having a website with frequent updates of content assure you of a proper growth in search engine ranking and it also makes you user friendly as the visitors always want to see something new. Frequent content update lets you drive search engine bots to your website and hence continuous improvement in ranking.
  • Website Should be indexed in Search Engines: Make Sure, your website has Sitemap which help Search Engine to index your website frequently. If your website is not crawled properly by Search Engines, then you can submit your web URL directly to search engines through the Webmaster tool.

  • Content should be unique and relevant: Having thick content on your website is important, but more important to have is unique and relevant content. A website with duplicate content often gets penalized by search engines and fall down in the ranking. The amount of content on your website have to be reach enough to stabiles trust in the eyes of visitors as well as search engine bots.
  • Considerable, but not Necessary Make dedicated website (Optional):
  • The buying cycle and other phenomenon of different products is different, if you try to sell such products with different buyer segments the efforts might be less effective, hence it is very important to sell the products of different kind from different stores and keep the buyers segmentation mechanism easy.

    So if you have already started your online store, but your products are not ranking on search engine result pages, or if your website is not doing well to attract the buyers, or if the buyers are dropping out of your website too frequently try implementing the above mentioned steps. These steps will help you improve the buyer experience and search engine ranking.

    Note: Make sure that you have your online store in the shape you wanted to see it if you were the buyer.

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