Top Technology Trends for Small Businesses

If you are a small business and you wish to witness a competitive edge over existing businesses in the market then you are at the right place!

Keeping up with the technological changes happening all over world in the market can be challenging for entrepreneurs. As an entrepreneur, you are constantly playing around with all the elements necessary to run a successful business. Even then, new businesses need to keep track of the technological changes that would enable the business to run more efficiently and conserve resources.

We provide you with the top technological trends that would help your business to evolve and manage the same more efficiently.

  • Empowering the sales team with better mobility

    The concept of remote and mobile workforce has gained a lot of momentum in the last few years. Starting from the work-from-home employee to the mobile sales representatives, and the use of mobile apps by the members of the sales team to log in important information, the wave is travelling all over the world. This wave is estimated to increase by 140% in the next two years.

    The major reason behind this growth is the increase in the affordability of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The adoption of mobile devices is spreading like wildfire. Moreover, more and more companies are building mobile apps to simplify and facilitate numerous business solutions.

    The advantages of having a mobile workforce are endless. Owners of small businesses are capitalising on this trend and are making it a necessity that all members of their sales teams are equipped with such mobile apps that empowers them to sell and collect information on-the-go.

  • Enhance customer service
    Similar to the sales team, the customer service teams are also taking up mobile applications to enhance the overall customer experience. Now with mobile applications, your workforce can tend to the needs of your customers from anywhere and at anytime.

    Moreover, with majority of the applications moving to the cloud, these apps provide service representatives with CRM and inventory management tools, and customer databases at the tip of their fingers. As a small business, you should definitely embrace this trend and skyrocket your way to the top.

  • Automation for marketing team
    Marketers are required to juggle with multiple channels to bring in new leads and communicate the business’s values and vision in better ways. Coming up with new ways and managing multiple marketing strategies is hard for enterprise level companies. With small businesses, it is harder.

    Yet, only 62% of small businesses plan on increasing their spending on marketing automation. If you are not in the 62% then you might wish to rethink yourself. Adopting marketing automation platforms provides you with greater efficiency and effectiveness.  Plus they also sync up with your CRM and sales softwares, enabling you to being the touch of personalization to your marketing strategies.

  • Predictive analytics for smarter business decisions
    You cannot just rely on your intuition and incorporate strategies wishing that they would work. Businesses nowadays are heavily investing in predictive analytics to improve performance levels. With new and advanced analytic tools coming into the market, data-driven decision making has become a trend and caters to companies/businesses of all sizes.

    As a small business, you should try to explore how predictive technologies can enhance the way you do business. Both your sales and service teams can benefit a lot from predictive technologies. Your teams can use such tools to gather insights across the customer path-to-purchase and the customer lifecycle. Insights would help them better understand the tactics to utilize while onboarding new customers and tactics to retain them. Using predictive analytic tools would also enable you to derive actionable insights that can be used for marketing.

    It’s time that you stay ahead of the curve and learn about all the latest business technological trends helping small businesses to up their game.

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