TradeDesk’s B2B Web & Mobile Portal for Wholesalers & Retailers

TradeDesk’s B2B commerce software launched a new B2B web & mobile portal for the wholesalers and retailers. The B2B web & mobile app is designed to help wholesalers and retailers manage their purchasing, selling and order fulfilment process. TradeDesk provides a complete digital solution for your online business by developing a branded mobile app and website.

What’s in store for wholesalers and retailers?

Tradedesk’s b2b web and mobile portal will enable wholesalers and retailers with order fulfilment, customer pricing and agreement management across several product lines.  By publishing your own b2b branded mobile app with web portal you can give your buyers 24/7 access to your online store.

  • Empowers your customer to do business with you from anywhere at anytime
  • It eliminates service calls for product enquires as all the information is available online
  • You can upload your sales users, buyers and product information

Features meant to make work easier for you

Tradedesk digitalizes your trade with all your buyers by developing your own private b2b webpage and easy to use mobile app. By digitalising your business you can easily manage all the activities from your digital devices. Tradedesk has multiple features that help in integrating all your business activities so that work is done seamlessly.

  • Eliminates Clumsy Printed Catalogues – TradeDesk builds an attracted and glossy digital catalogue for you that your customers can easily view either through your branded mobile app or website. These digital catalogues also help in saving the cost that would have been incurred on printing the product catalogues. Also your SalesForce is no longer needed to carry the load of heavy printed catalogues as they can easily show products through their digital devices.
  • Multiple Price Lists – every business needs flexible product pricing. Businesses price their products according to customers, quality or credit term. With TradeDesk’s digital catalogue you can easily maintain multiple price lists online. These multiple price lists can easily be maintained with customer grouping.
  • Full Product Information – with TradeDesk’s digital catalogue you can show complete product information. In the product catalogue you can showcase full product description and specification along with other documents in detail. By revealing all the relevant product information you can gain the trust of your customers.
  • Order Tracking System – TradeDesk enable your customers to easily track the orders they place. A research showed that customers consider order tracking system a very important part of customer experience. Customers find it more satisfying when they can see that at which stage of order processing is their product. With TradeDesk’s order management feature your customers can instantly track their order until it is delivered at their doorstep.
  • Customer Record – salespersons can now maintain the records of their customers. Tradedesk enables salesperson to maintain the purchase history of their customers. This helps them in suggesting only those goods that are of interest to their customers and in developing good business relations that are crucial for business growth.

B2b business process is much more complex than b2c. From order procurement to processing and fulfilment there are many complicated processes involved. In this complex process the slightest of error can cause immense damage to the business. TradeDesk aims at simplifying this complex process by providing a complete digital solution for all your business problems. With TradeDesk’s b2b web and mobile portal you can easily manage all your business activities by simple clicks and swipes.

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